Tidal Wave CD Review

Timothy Bullard: Grants Pas Daily Courier - March 26, 2016

Musician Jen Ambrose is back in entertaining form with her new disc, Tidal Wave, suggesting a slightly vintage background with Jen's modern, melodic voice. She's invited a great brass entourage, by Andy Pimental (also on keyboard and arrangement), Gordon Greenley, Randy Scherer and Will Sharen. Willie Warwick drops in fiddle just where you would and would not expect it and Pimental waves throughout the work with his rolling keyboard , especially on "Break of The Day". Jef Ramsey's mandolin tickles its way through "Road of Life" like a winding path stringing through the hills of Appalachia.

Jen's vocals dig deep with "Jealous" set off by Richard Cole's playful bass and a Hammond organ style duo. She drives us back down South with "Pick Your Love Up Off The Ground".

Ambrose treats us to a hint of Ian Anderson's flute trill on "Outside In" and Pimental teases with some Stevie Wonder style notes WAY in the background. Cole invites us to visit that background and supports the change-ups with a smooth, medium-slow but driving bass line. Drummer Sandy Ficca finally gets to kick-it on "Nickel Blues" where we're treated to Jen's ladder climbing voice, from the top rung down to a whispering floor level and back again.

Five percent of the disc's proceeds go to Not For Sale, an organization dedicated to ending the practice and easing the pain of international slavery and human trafficking.

Jen sings, "I Lost My Heart" on the second cut of the disc, but she obviously found it in Bob Pagano's studio when she rode Tidal Wave to completion. In her latest production, Jen shares with us a little Torch and a lot of Soul.

Kevin Widdison: Grants Pass Daily Courier - March 31, 2106

Jen Ambrose has released a new album that takes jazz, country, R&B, folk and rock and throws them all into a kettle to make an irresistible stew.  ,,,every time you think you can put this talented singer-songwriter into a box and label her music as "this" rather than "that"   she throws a curve ball just to keep it interesting.
Some more great talent in Grants Pass at The Laughing Clam on this past Saturday night. Jen Ambrose performed solo sets of her original songs and courageous covers that thoroughly entertained us lucky ones in attendance. Her sultry and soulful voice, mixed with gritty conviction, reveals a genuine artist who is fun to watch and listen to. I mean, what solo artist attempts "Come Together" with acoustic guitar and a flute!--and nails it with precision.”

— Steve Weskirchen - April 10, 2016

We listened to over 300 sumbissions for the Seattle Hempfest, we're really excited to have come upon this rare gem! ”

— Vivian McPeak - Seattle Hempfest Director

The artist's melodic originals revolve around human empowerment and creative expression. Grants Pass artist Jen Ambrose marries agile vocals and poetic lyrics... While Ambrose's music dances through a variety of genres, her lyrics are based — one way or another — on human empowerment. ”

— Teresa Thomas - Mail Tribune Tempo - July 23, 2010

September, 2011 Sneak Preview Best of the Rogue Valley voted Jen Ambrose as the "Favorite Local Musician/Singer.” ...A number of musicians were named by our readers, including this year's winner JEN AMBROSE, who plays a "stylisitic blending of folk, blues and work music." The JEN AMBROSE BAND was named 3rd runner up for Best Local Rock 'N'Roll Band.”

Sneak Preview - Grants Pass, OR



Nectar Of Your Dreams - With the release of her first, self-produced CD, “Nectar Of Your Dreams”, Jen involves a number of talented musicians to create a diverse and compelling body of work that has been called visionary, passionate, sultry and mystical. Her single Damian Nightstar is heard on the 2003 Oasis Blues Sampler. Various tracks have received airplay on Southern Oregon Public Radio, local radio stations in Southern Oregon and Northern California and as far away as the Netherlands. Tracks are being marketed through Soundtrack Express interactive media (http://www.transmx.com), and her CD is currently distributed through the independent label Imaginary Records (http://www.imaginary records.com/).

nonconfusion -  Released at the end of 2006. It is a jazzy collaboration of original songs with other members of the band nonconfusion.  Jen had three original pieces on this album

Remembering - Jen's second, all original album released in 2008.

FLY - Released in 2013.  This project is a collaborative compilation of Jen's original acoustic music and poetry by Sylvia McKinley featuring poems and songs pertaining to domestic abuse issues.  This was a non-profit CD whose proceeds went towards the Grants Pass Women's Crisis Support Team.

TIDAL WAVE - The third, all original album, released in March of 2016,  featuring performance from some of the region's most seasoned musicians.  This album was co-produced by engineer Bob Pagano of Mountain View Productions.  5% of all CD sales are donated to NOT FOR SALE (www.notforsalecampaign.org) to combat the effects of Human Trafficking.

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